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Light Panels.

In our visual communications division, we produce Light Panels that increase readability and visibility many times. These panels have uses in many different applications, including school rooms, planning rooms, and operations rooms. Generally, these individually-crafted panels vary in size between 50x70cm and 310x210cm, but these are not limits. Prices vary according to the manufacturing input and the editorial and design input. As an indicator, for a simple design the cost before tax would be Euro 0.11 cents per-square-cm.

There are three main types of light panel:

1. The Readylight panel is essentially a transparent panel that functions like a flat optic fibre. An invisible continuous refractive light is inserted between the two surfaces of the panel. When users write or mark on the panel using special markers, the intensive light is then sucked out by the tracing/marking/writing.

‘Magnetolight’ stickers are used on Readylight panels. When placed on the surface they stick, without glue, and emit an intensive light. These stickers can be in various forms according to the client’s requirements - such as arrows, squares, rectangles, disks, stars, planes, ships, and trucks. Rectangular ones can also be used as a highlighter for other symbols or small transparencies.

Readylight panels are already in use in many operational centres (see Our Clients). There are many possible uses, such as to facilitate easy and clear monitoring of a territory under cont, to show main and/or urgent information or action required, and more.

In the ‘spreadsheet’ version, Readylight panels are used for immediate update of the availability of human and material resources in the area to be covered. In other functions , Readylight panels can be used to inform the public effectively, accurately, and quickly. The Readylight panels enhance the ambiance where they are used and display their efficiency - as well as adding a touch of prestige.


2. The ‘light-thin’ luminous lighting panels are generally used in public places to provide various types of information to the public. They are subtle, slim, and elegant, and can be used to replace what are often unattractive advertising panels. Only 2cm thick, they are usually installed in places where a more refined or cultural image is required.

The lighting panels produce light to enable the usage of slides, logos, and most kinds of informative communication. The ‘light-thin’ panels can be built in the form of a totem destined to provide information in public places such as an airport, hotel lobby, bank, exhibition, or conference centre.


3. The Grafilux board for the visually impaired. In a classroom, the strong emission of light when writing on a Readylight panel allows the visually impaired up to 1/50 vision to follow a lesson alongside normal-vision students.

The Italian Union for the Blind conducted a study on the effectiveness and advantages that the Grafilux board provides in medical centres or in schools. This demonstrated very positive conclusions on the (//? ampleness of the visual handicap), on the integration of the visually-impaired. The Union found that the Grafilux board allowed students to see without effort what is written on the black/white-board, and therefore follow the lesson - even without support staff.

Grafilux boards are already in use in schools for the blind (in Italy, some of these schools have visually-impaired students, not only blind students), and in the schools for normal-vision students (similarly, some of these also have visually-impaired students). Grafilux boards are also used in several centres of the Italian Union for the Blind and by the Tiflo educational libraries.

In addition, a Grafilux board is more attractive than a traditional school black/white-board for normal-vision students. And those seated at the back of the classroom do not have to make any extra visual effort to follow the information on the board.


Magic Shoes.
Designed for comfort for tired feet after walking in hot weather, but also after hiking. Magic Shoes are like a portable footbath, with essential salts from Dr Scholl to ease discomfort. Light, and pocket-size.


Designed to water plants as they need it, not every week or two weeks or fixed occasions. Can be used not only in the home - but professionally. Water can be topped up according to a schedule, and requires no further checking.

The PlantSitter is the key to the single owner of plants as well as gardens, balconies, indoor and outdoor plants. The concept of the PlantSitter is simple. It provides timed and measured needs for plant watering – allowing them to be left unattended for up to one month.

The absolute revolutionary and stunning originality of this product is its mechanism that follows the plant’s needs - the wet and dry phases - without the usage of tubes, batteries or electrical support! It has a biological motor.

The PlantSitter is simple, economical, and a most innovative and practical product.

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