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Company History

Carlo Boschetto, then a businessman, started creating new products in the early 1960s. What can be considered his first came in 1963 when he invented Acquaviva, an irrigation system for pot plants.

He then moved on to other products. It was at this time that he decided to work on creating new products and systems, many with electrical procedures.

These include: door handles with an integral electrical light switch; a complementary warning element (such as a necklace that could, for instance, warn a mother if her child strays too far); automatic life-saving cans containing air, for nightclubs or other enclosed areas such as theatres or cinemas in case of fire; and an individual lift with a gravity braking system in case of fire in buildings.  

In 1973 Carlo Boschetto invented what he called a ‘Readylight’, and which then became the name of his company. The Readylight panel provided invaluable help to the visually impaired, both children and adults. Readylights have also brought life and light to many administrative and government offices to assist and help efficiency in bureaucratic ambiance.  

In 1992 Boschetto invented Magnetolight to augment the Readylight product. This invention created strips, circles, and sheets that catch the light to enhance the Readylight boards.

Through the years additional inventions followed, including:

-In 2000, winner amongst a thousand inventions of the ‘Internet Privacy & Security’ at the Cisco & Sun exhibition in the Netherlands. Secures PIN-code entries.

-In 2001, a vehicle bar code. A copy of the vehicle licence plate, containing data on the vehicle. Created for a continuous cont of traffic activity rather than for illegal or uncivil activity. However, it can act as a deterrent, and the fact that the vehicle’s movements can be monitored means that it can assist in criminal investigations such as theft or other uncivil and illegal actions.  

-In 2005, the ‘Plantsitter’ was created. An invention for indoor or outdoor pot plants, a day-and-night natural watering cycle with a biological motor. It is based on the plant’s natural demand, not timing. 

-In 2006 the ‘BIG L’ - the creation of big letters, three metres high, with special lighting for advertising that can be read from a distance , but with low consumption of electricity.  

-In 2007 the linear car engine/generator without connecting rods. A light internal-combustion engine that produces direct electricity without conversions, producing great efficiency and energy. 

-In 2007 the ‘Everclean WC’. New hygiene which is likely to become the next generation cleaning habit, eliminating all other chemically-created toilet cleaners.  

Readylight’s constant series of inventions make it a company continually moving forward - avant-garde. The company’s main drive is to find solutions to make life easier for the public, and to develop more-efficient methods for existing activities


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